NSS Objectives

The National Security Seminar is a fast-paced, four-day event providing civilian leaders with a unique opportunity to meet future military leaders and engage them in open and frank dialogue on issues concerning the nation's security and welfare. Additionally, our resident Army War College students benefit greatly from being exposed to NSS guests, with their unique experiential backgrounds and individual understanding of key national and international issues facing the country.

Objectives of the National Security Seminar are:

1. To reach out to civilian leaders in communities across America and provide an opportunity for them to become better acquainted with the U.S. Army War College and prospective future leaders of our Armed Forces.

2. To synthesize the Army War College academic year of study through examination of current national security issues.

3. To create an environment for our students and NSS guests to candidly evaluate current policies and strategies.

4. To enhance student learning through exposure to a cross-section of American society and perspectives.

Contact Information

National Security Seminar
U.S. Army War College
651 Wright Avenue
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone: 717-245-3224
Email: usarmy.carlisle.awc.mbx.NSS-POC@army.mil
Web: https://apps.armywarcollege.edu/nss